Generic Front Wheel Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit

The kit includes motorized wheel, motor controller, thumb throttle, battery charger, power break lever, wire harness. KIT DOES NOT INCLUDE BATTERY


  • Quiet and reliable brushless gearless hub motor
  • Motor specifications: 36V / 700W / 300RPM
  • High motor efficiency: 75% 5. Motor diameter: 245mm
  • Drive system has no moving chains or gears, no friction, more efficient, less chance to break!
  • Brake shuts off motor automatically, saves energy, improves safety!
  • Thumb throttle with 3 LEDs indicator lights
  • Battery charger for charging lead-acid battery
  • Durable 600D Oxford cloth carrying bag along with a zippered main compartment for battery

Package includes the following:

  • Powerful 36V 700W brushless hub motor
  • 26″ front wheel (the whole wheel with tire!)
  • Battery charger
  • Electric controller
  • Thumb throttle
  • Handlebar grips
  • Brake levers
  • Battery carrying bag
  • Rubber connecting harness

Battery Recommendation:

  • Electrokinetic cell battery ( Li, lead-acid, NiMH battery etc.) featured in nominal voltage 36V, nominal capacity 20Ah is compatible with the motor.
  • Li battery is highly recommended, among which LiMn2O4 battery will be of optimum performance