Currie Technologies Power Kit for 26″ Bicycles

Great for easing the hills when commuting. Installs easily on most rigid mountain bikes. You’ll need a full set of metric hex wrenches, a phillips screwdriver, and standard tire-changing tools. With some effort, the kit can be adapted to full suspension bikes as well.

The kit is designed to work with a standard 7-speed freewheel. Since most better mountain bikes will use a cassette hub, you will probably need to purchase a freewheel, as the cassette from your existing rear wheel will not work. Also be aware that if you’re running a common 8 or 9 speed system, you may also need to swap the rear shifter for an older 7 -speed unit. Your derailleur should work fine with the older shifter.

Many users have recommended adding a heavy duty stand, such as the M-Wave Steel Double Leg Side Bicycle Kickstand due to the added weight of the motor and batteries.