Clean Republic Hill Topper

Complete Wheel: (tube, tire, rim) with 250-watt 24-volt brushless planetary hub motor (motor is sealed, rain and mud-proof). Motor wheel assists you up to 15mph when you engage the Grip Switch. Makes you feel three times stronger.

Battery: 20-mile 10Ah 4.5lb or 40-mile Made-In-USA 20Ah 6lb Lithium battery/controller pack (8x3x5”), or a 10-mile 11-lb 8Ah battery/controller pack (6x6x4.5”) pre-installed in a rain and mud-proof quick-attach seat bag (choose in drop-down menu). Our new 40-mile pack is hand built here in the USA by highly-trained electric vehicle technicians and includes cutting-edge heat management technology for increased battery life and safety.

Grip Switch: On/Off handlebar motor control installs quickly, lets YOU control when the battery gets used (not a twist throttle). Smoothly cruises at 15mph. See the FAQ page for details.

Charger: (smart/auto shutoff) for U.S./International 110-240v, 50-60hz wall sockets or extension cords.

Here’s a fantastic video from YouTube user VenatorFox reviewing the Hill Topper, from installation to first ride.